Sew Easy Tweezers from Elisa's Backporch

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Sew Easy Tweezers from Elisa's Backporch provide pinpoint precision for grabbing fabric or thread. Great to use with Elisa's Backporch templates when using the "no-pin" method. Also great to use as a stiletto or for paper piecing. Great for grabbing those tiny pieces of thread.

May 2014 by Tracy: 
Jeff had another NASTY splinter in his hand the other day.  So, I grabbed my Sew Easy Tweezers and got that nasty thing out on the first try.  Jeff was very thankful as only a tiny bit of the thick splinter was exposed.  He was amazed--once again--at how well these tweezers worked to firmly grasp the spinter and remove it without any breakage.  It really is a precision tool.

Customer Note 4/28/13:
"Last Christmas I bought 4 of your Precision tweezers. Two were for my husband and myself. He looked at me funny when he opened his but he gets splinters and after reading your story, I knew he needed them. Last night, I found a tick on me-this is a big tick/lyme area. After Googling how to remove a tick, I got out the tweezers and my husband was able to remove the tick in one piece. In fact, it was still alive! I know that it was only because of those precision tips that he was able to do that. Thank you so much for carrying those tweezers!" Karen

When I wrote to request Karen's permission to share her story, she replied:
"Of course you may!  Can I also tell you, that someone was raving about the Bernina tweezers either on a blog or forum. When I looked at them, they are the same as what you carry for A LOT more money! It was your story about the splinter that inspired me to buy them especially for my husband. They do come in handy in the sewing room too. I have Rheumatoid arthritis so my fingers aren't always the best. Use the tweezers to pull thread caught in the bobbin case, or thread caught in stitching. Best $10 I've ever spent!  Thanks so much!"  Karen

TRACY'S NOTE 8/08/12:
I STILL love these tweezers--now even more than ever!!! Jeff, was working with wood earlier this week and got a really nasty, deep splinter in his finger. As I observed him trying to use the regular bathroom tweezers to grasp the splinter in vain, I had a light bulb moment.  He NEEDED a sturdy precision tool that had pinpoint accuracy and enough strength and stability to pull that thick splinter out. I ran to my sewing room and came back with the perfect solution -- my Sew Easy Tweezers.

In mere seconds I had that nasty splinter out! Needless to say, we now have two pairs of Sew Easy Tweezers in our house.  One pair dedicated for my sewing room and one for the bathroom medicine cabinet (because I don't want Jeff or the boys rifling through my sewing room looking for them in desperation when I'm not home). If you don't have a pair of these tweezers, I highly recommend them. I use mine A LOT.  They are versatile and strong and I love the precision control I have to pick or pull out the finest threads.

TRACY'S NOTE 9/1/06:  I started using these tweezers about 3 weeks ago when I began making Fiber Art Postcards.  I LOVE THESE TWEEZERS.  They are perfect for so many things.  I use them for placing small pieces or making precision adjustments prior to quilting.  I use them for picking up tiny seed beads or other small pieces.  I use them when machine quilting (as a stiletto) to guide the piece under the needle or to manipulate a piece of fiber that has shifted before it goes under the needle.  They really are a very handy and useful tool -- a definite keeper!