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We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and PayPal through the online shopping cart.

TO PROTECT AGAINST FRAUD: any order with different Bill To and Ship To information will be held and investigated. If we feel it is not safe for the card holder we will cancel the order with no notification.

When you check out of the shopping cart using a credit card, the monies are only "Authorized" for payment.  We do not "Capture" any funds until items actually ship.

  • An Authorization is a transaction that just says it is OK for that total to be charged.
  • A Capture is a transaction where the funds are charged to your account.

Normally you will never see an Authorized transaction on your actually paper statement from your card company. But you will see these appear on your online account page, and they drop off in 48 hours or so.

If you would like to use a check, you may mail your order using the following PDF form:

Retail Mail Order Form

We seek to serve customers by continuing to offer great prices, low shipping costs and excellent service.  In order to accomplish this, we must automate wherever possible.  That means handling orders through the shopping cart and questions through email.  Generally, we are very quick to answer email.  myorder@sewthankful.com

When emailing, please be certain you use a clear and applicable subject line for your email or it may appear as spam.  Also be certain to add us to your email address book and approved sender list so our email reply to you is not bounced back by your email service provider.

State Sales Tax

Orders placed from, or shipping to New Mexico destinations. will be charged the current sales tax rate. 

We collect and submit all applicable sales tax to the State of New Mexico Tax & Revenue Department, as required by law.

If you are not placing your order from New Mexico, or having the order ship to New Mexico, you need not check the Sales Tax item at check out.

If you do live in New Mexico, or are shipping the order to New Mexico, and have not checked the Sales Tax at checkout, the appropriate Sales Tax will be applied to your order prior to shipping.

Credit Card not accepting

Please note that the information you enter will be checked directly with Visa, Mastercard, or Discover.

If you are receiving any errors, then the information submitted is being rejected by the card company.

99% of all difficulties in the shopping cart with a credit card come from the addtion or omission of the correct information.

Please double check the following:

(you may want to do delete your cookies and history in case your computer is saving one of your attempts that has incorrect information)

  1. Your Bill To address is the same as what is on file with the card company.
  2. The card number entered is one continuous row of numbers and contains no spaces or hyphens.
  3. You enter your CVV number.
  4. Finally double check your expiration date.

If you feel you have entered the information correctly and you still receive these errors you may need to contact your card company.

Difficulty in the shopping cart

If you continue to be returned to the first page of the shopping cart after you click on "Continue Checkout", please check the top of the page. You may have an item that is out of stock or sold out. This item will need to be removed from the shopping cart before you can continue.

If you encounter a problem while checking out, double check the following:

Page 1:

  • There are no messages at the top of the page telling you an item has sold out.
  • You have selected your shipping.
  • At the bottom of the page you have selected your payment type.

Page 2:

  • You have filled in your "Bill To" and "Ship To" address's. (If they are the same please check the box "Check here if billing and shipping are the same."
  1. At the bottom you fill in your credit card information if you are using a credit card.
  • Click on "Confirm" to advance to page 3.

Page 3:

  • Double check your order and scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will click on "Submit This Order."
  • If your order completes successfully, the last page that appears will be a "Thank You for your Order" page. This page will give you your order number. You will also be sent an email with your order details.

If you do not receive the final "Thank You for your Order" page your order has not completed successfully.

You may email us anytime for help in the shopping cart. customercare@sewthankful.com

You may email us so we may check if your order was received. myorder@sewthankful.com

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