Closeout & Overstock - Under $5.00

All Inventory Reduction Closeout and Discontinued Items are processed 1st come/1st serve. HOT DEAL items, Inventory Reduction, Clearance, Closeout and/or Discontinued items do NOT qualify for backorder status and will automatically be deducted from your order. We have inventory controls set on these but occasionally a system glitch occurs (i.e., if two people order the same thing at the same time or Wish List Issues) and it allows an over order to go through. If a glitch occurs with a CLEARANCE, CLOSEOUT or DISCONTINUED ITEM, the first customer to fully submit their order will receive the item and the other will have the item deducted and their order adjusted accordingly. ALL Clearance, Closeout, Inventory Reduction and Discontinued Item sales are final once shipped--these items do NOT qualify for return, refund or exchange.