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SewThankful Help on eCoupon Rules

Currently, there are NO eCoupon Codes available.
Please check back later.

Backorder situations are a possibility.  Split shipping of orders that include backordered items may not be available with this offer.
Orders placed using this offer may be required to ship "complete".

How to use eCoupon Codes:

1. Add qualifying eCoupon item(s) to your shopping cart
2.  Enter the correct eCoupon code in the coupon code box
3. Click on RECALCULATE to see your savings

If you have any problems with the eCoupon Code, please email BEFORE the eCoupon expires.

**Offer applies/apply only to QUALIFYING orders placed online through the shopping cart during the specified period.

All the following rules & restrictions apply to this offer.


(1) If an order for eCoupon item(s) was placed prior to the eCoupon period and the order has not yet shipped, customer may request cancellation of the order by email to or After SewThankful confirms the initial order has not shipped and has been canceled, customer may place a new order using the eCoupon during the applicable period.
(2) If a qualifying order was placed during the eCoupon period but customer did not yet know about or forgot to use eCoupon code--
customer must email us BEFORE the order ships and before the eCoupon expires with the qualifying order number and the correct eCoupon code so we may apply the eCoupon manually. SewThankful can not apply eCoupon code(s) after an order has shipped.
(3) Stock on hand is limited
, and we are open to shoppers around the world 24/7. Backorders are always a possibility when offer is not limited to stock on hand.

Coupon Code Rules & Restrictions:

eCoupon code is only valid for orders placed online at by the customer during the specified period. eCoupon codes are NOT valid via any other ordering method (i.e., phone, email, etc.).

Customer must enter eCoupon code in the eCoupon code box of the shopping cart and click recalculate to receive discount.

If a minimum purchase is required for the eCoupon discount and after placing the order customer cancels a portion of the order thereby lowering the order total below the minimum purchase requirement, the entire eCoupon discount will be revoked and the order total will be adjusted accordingly.

eCoupon code(s) may NOT be applied to any order placed outside the specified eCoupon effective period. If an order for an applicable item has not shipped, customer must request cancellation of the initial order, then customer may place a new order using the eCoupon during the applicable period.

If you have difficulty using your eCoupon code please email us BEFORE placing your order-- must be done before the expiration.

If you place your order and you forget to use your eCoupon code, or if you placed an order before reading an eNews offering a current/applicable eCoupon code PLEASE email us immediately so we may apply the eCoupon manually before your order ships. Customer is responsible for emailing us with a note of explanation and the code PRIOR to the order shipping to qualify for manual application of the eCoupon code. In either case, the order must have been placed online DURING the specified eCoupon period to qualify.

Shipping rates apply to pre-eCoupon subtotal.

We are unable to apply any eCoupon code(s) to any order after it has shipped.

Sale Periods: Unless otherwise specified, any and all prices or sale prices may change at any time without prior notice.

BACKORDERS: SewThankful can not predict the demand level for any/all inventory items at all times -- even if we could, sometimes our suppliers run out of inventory and we must wait for re-supply from them. That means backorder situations are a possibility. Should a backorder situation arise on a "coupon code item" Sew Thankful will honor the savings as long as the order is placed during the coupon period and the item is still available within a reasonable timeframe and at a reasonable price from our supplier(s). Should a backorder situation arise on your order, SewThankful will contact you as soon as possible by email to let you know your options. We do not charge your credit card for backordered items until the day they ship.  HOWEVER, if you choose to pay via Paypal and there is a backorder, the payment is immediate and will stay in place as we can not "suspend" Paypal payments while we wait for the backorder to arrive.