Pantographs - Continuous Line Panto Patterns

Pantographs are continuous line quilting pattern designs on a paper roll designed for use on longarm quilting machines. The roll is approx. 11 to 12 feet long. (unless otherwise noted).  A pantograph quilting pattern, or panto, is typically used by longarm machine quilters or machine quilters using a frame. 

The longarm machine quilter unrolls the pantograph quilting pattern across the back table of the longarm. Then, with the assistance of a stylus or laser pointer that is attached to the longarm machine, the longarm machine quilter moves the machine to stitch while tracing the pantograph quilting design with the stylus or laser. This process is repeated row by row, down or across the quilt, depending upon how the top is loaded on the longarm machine.

If you are a domestic machine quilter, and quilting pantographs appeal to you, take a look at the Quilting Made Easy Products. They are designed for the domestic machine quilter. Click Here or a printable PDF on how to use quilting pantographs.

Click Here if you would like to view any Closeout/Overstock Pantos.

Pantographs by Designer
Apricot Moon Designs apricot moon designs pantograph sample Marc Hilton Cohen marc hilton cohen quilting pantograph sample
Barbara Becker barbara becker quilting pantographs sample Mary Eddy mary eddy quilting pantograph sample
Darlene Epp Darlene Epp quilting pantographs sample Marybeth O'Halloran Marybeth Ohalloran quilting pantographs sample
Dave Hudson marc hilton cohen quilting pantograph sample Megan Haun Megan Haun quilting pantographs sample
Deb Geissler Darlene Epp quilting pantographs sample Melonie J. Caldwell melonie j caldwell quilting pantographs sample
Denise Schillinger denise schillinger quilting pantogrpahs sample Nancy Read nancy read quilting pantographs sample
Jessica Schick jessica schick quilting pantographs sample Natalie Gorman natalie gorman quilting pantographs sample
Keryn Emmerson keryn emmerson quilting pantographs sample Patricia Ritter patricia ritter of urban elementz quilting pantographs sample
Kim Brunner kim burnner quilting pantogrpahs sample Quilting Creations quilting creations pantographs sample
Krista Withers krista withers quilting pantographs sample Quilting Made Easy quilting made easy sample
Kyla Trammell kyla trammell quilting pantographs sample R&S Designs r and s designs quilting pantographs sample
Laura Estes laura estes quilting pantographs sample Sarah Ann Myers sarah ann myers quilting pantographs sample
Leisha Farnsworth leisha farnsworth quilting pantographs sample Tracey Russell tracy russell quilting pantograph sample
Lorien Quilting lorien quilting pantograph sample Valerie Smith valerie smith quilting pantograph sample
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