Pantographs - Continuous Line Panto Patterns

Pantographs are continuous line quilting designs on a paper roll, The roll is approx. 11 to 12 feet long. (unless otherwise noted).  A panto pattern is typically used by longarm quilters or machine quilters using a frame. 

The longarm quilter unrolls the panto across the back table of the longarm; then, with the assistance of a stylus or laser pointer that is attached to the longarm machine, the quilter moves the machine tracing above the panto design which is simultaneously stitched out. This process is repeated row by row down/or across the quilt depending upon how the top is loaded on the machine.

If you are a domestic machine quilter, and pantos appeal to you, take a look at the Quilting Made Easy products, which are designed for the domestic machine quilter.

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Pantographs by Designer
Apricot Moon Designs Marybeth O'Halloran lorienquilting
Barbara Becker barbarabecker Mary Eddy lorienquilting
Darlene Epp darlenepp Quilting Made Easy barbarabecker
Denise Schillinger barbarabecker Patricia Ritter barbarabecker
Jessica Schick barbarabecker Tracey Russell apex
Keryn Emmerson lorienquilting Valerie Smith
Lorien Quilting lorienquilting    
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