Superior Threads - Fantastico Variegated Polyester Thread

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Superior Fantastico was many years in development, and now we have a variegated (multi-colored) polyester thread that has the high sheen of trilobal and the strength of filament polyester. It is a high tenacity (strength), high sheen trilobal filament polyester called Fantastico.

Bold variegated colors is what makes Fantastico, well, fantastic! Made from the same high-strength fibers as Magnifico and Twist, Fantastico is a variegated high strength, high sheen polyester thread with a once inch precision dye pattern. Fantastico is available in over 150 variegated color blend which gives you a variegated combination for almost every need.

Recommended Needle Topstitch #90/14 #18 (MR4.0)
3.0 - 4.0
average setting