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Zipper Pulls ByAnnie - Spring Set
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Zipper Pulls ByAnnie - Spring Set

Need an extra pull for leftover zipper tape or to make a double-slide zipper?

Mix and match colors of zipper pulls and colors of zipper tape to come up with the perfect color combination for your project. These extra-long #4.5 pulls make it easy to open your bag. It's also very easy to attach a fabric zipper pull extension or charm to the large opening of the one-piece zipper pull.

NOTE: These pulls are made to be used on #4.5 zipper tape and are not compatible with other sizes of zipper tape.

Perfect for use with SPRING hued fabrics, this set includes colors that work well together. They will add BRIGHTNESS and LIGHT to any of your projects! Adding a zipper pull to leftover zipper tape gives you a new zipper out of supposed waste. You can also create a double-slide zipper from a single-slide zipper.

The colors included in the SPRING 24-Pack are:

ZIPPULL-100 White
ZIPPULL-110 Pewter
ZIPPULL-135 Rock Slide
ZIPPULL-150 Sage
ZIPPULL-170 Golden Brown
ZIPPULL-190  Buttercup
ZIPPULL-195  Dandelion
ZIPPULL-196 Butter Cream
ZIPPULL-198 Chartreuse
ZIPPULL-200  Apple Green
ZIPPULL-201 Light Mint
ZIPPULL-212  Turquoise
ZIPPULL-213 Robin's Egg
ZIPPULL-214  Parrot Blue
ZIPPULL-215  Blastoff Blue
ZIPPULL-220 Country Blue
ZIPPULL-245  Tahiti
ZIPPULL-247 Dusty Rose
ZIPPULL-249 Pale Pink
ZIPPULL-250  Lipstick
ZIPPULL-252  Raspberry
ZIPPULL-255  Crazy Plum
ZIPPULL-260  Atom Red
ZIPPULL-287  Pumpkin

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