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Superior Threads - Masterpiece Thread by Alex Anderson

ssewing thread logo1Superior Masterpiece cotton sewing thread is a 3 ply 50wt sewing thread made from extra-long staple Egyptian 100% cottom. (the same SUPER high quality cotton used to make King Tut Quilting Thread that everyone LOVES!)

Superior Masterpiece is a super low lint, and it is wonderful for machine piecing, detail quilting, and applique. Also fantastic as a high quality cotton bobbin thread if you wind your own. MasterPiece is known to be one of nature’s finest threads. It is certified Egyptian-grown, extra-long staple cotton and designed to create perfectly pieced seams. With the finest spinning, twisting, dyeing, and finishing techniques, MasterPiece has extremely low lint. You and your machine will love the sewing experience.

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Recommended Needle Topstitch #80/12 #16 (MR3.5)
2.0 - 4.0 Reduce tension as necessary
1 2 
1 2