Iron Finger Tool - Press Perfect by Joan Hawley for Clover Mfg. Co.

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The Iron Finger by Joan Hawley for Clover allows you to hold, shape and press any number of materials safely and efficiently. T
he Iron Finger can hold your fabric and allow you to press right up to it without concern for heat damage, simplifying the finest, most detailed ironing applications. The spatula tip is a great substitute for finger pressing. It's narrow enough to get into the tightest spaces and has just enough flexibility to smooth your fabric. You may even roll the Iron Finger across your fabric to press seams open.

Need to press a narrow seam without creasing the edges of a narrow tube shape? Easy. Simply slide the Iron Finger into the tube shape lined up with the seam and iron away. Flat seam, no creases.

Don't want seam imprints ironed through your fabric? Same process. Again, easy.

The Iron Finger may also be used to turn or point fabric that is loosely woven or knitted. The broad point or spatula shape manipulates the fabric but doesn't poke through your fabric.