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Be Attitudes quilt sewing pattern book by Nancy Halvorsen Art to Heart

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It's all in your attitude! 

That's what Nancy's Mom taught her and it's true.

You'll have sew much fun with this block-of-the-month fusible appliqué quilt which provides a daily reminder of uplifting attitudes and values that can make our lives more enjoyable and beautiful.

Make the entire quilt, or choose individual blocks to make into a mini-quilt for each month.

The Be Attitudes book includes these projects:

  1. Be Warm Block
  2. Be Loving Block
  3. Be Positive Block
  4. Be Kind Block
  5. Be Patient Block
  6. Be Respectful Block
  7. Be Honest Block
  8. Be Prayerful Block
  9. Be Smart Block
  10. Be Forgiving Block
  11. Be Grateful Block
  12. Be Joyful Block
  13. Be Attitude Quilt
  14. Mini Quilts