Superior Threads - Omni Cones


*Please Note...We do not currently stock Omni. However we receive 2 to 3 shipments per week and your order would ship in approximateley 5 business days.

Superior's Omni Thread is a Poly-wrapped poly core 40wt thread for longarm machine quilting.

Omni Thread was designed as a strong machine quilting thread for high speed longarm quilting and is recommended as both a top thread and a bobbin thread.

Thread Size
Tex 30 (40wt)
Construction 100% poly filament poly core wrapped with a spun poly outer layer
Cone Size
6,000 yards
Recommended Needle Topstitch #90/14 #18 (MR4.0)
4.0 - 5.0
average setting
Bottom Line, So Fine Omni, Bottom Line, So Fine
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