Pantograph Patterns - Designer: Urban Elementz - Patricia Ritter



Urban Elementz offers quality pantographs for quilters. Create beautiful pieces that will be loved and treasured by future generations like many of the quilts from the past.

*Note...Sew Thankful wants to offer you our great prices and service on pantos, but due to space constraints we cannot stock every pantograph pattern listed on the website. However, we receive 2 shipments per week and any back ordered pantos normally ship in approximately 5 business days.

If you are a domestic machine quilter, and pantos appeal to you, take a look at the Quilting Made Easy products, which are designed for the domestic machine quilter.

Click here for a printable PDF on how to use the pantos.- a recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view & print . You may download or upgrade your Acrobat Reader for FREE at
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