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Superior Threads - All Products

Superior Threads is the only thread company that absolutely guarantees every spool of thread. They guarantee their thread will work if you follow the guidelines in their Thread Reference Guide.
Superior Threads King Tut Quilting Thread  

Superior Threads The Bottom Line Thread

Superior Threads So Fine Thread

King Tut Quilting Thread is 100% EXTRA-Long Staple (ELS) Egyptian Cotton, and is perfectly suited for hand quilting, machine quilting and Longarm quilti

  The Bottom Line thread was designed by Libby Lehman for quilting, embroidery, bobbin, binding, and applique.   So Fine thread is a 50wt./3ply polyester thread. It's ideal for longarm, shortarm and domestic machines.
Superior Threads Masterpiece Thread
Superior Threads Rainbows Thread
Superior Threads Lava Thread

MasterPiece thread is a 2 ply, 50wt thread that is super low lint, and it's wonderful for machine piecing, detail quilting, and applique.


Rainbows thread is a strong trilobal filament 100% polyester 40wt. thread.


LAVA thread is a 35 wt. / 3ply polyester thread.  It is a wonderful machine quilting thread for all machines.

Superior Threads Kimono Silk Thread
Superior Threads Metallics Thread
Superior Threads NiteLite Thread

Kimono Silk thread is the finest Japanese Silk Thread. Excellent for fine detail quilting.


Metallics are a strong, durable, beautiful 40 wt thread. The only metallic thread guaranteed to work.


NiteLight Glow in the Dark can be charged with natural or artificial light, and will glow for 6 hours..

Superior Threads Hightlights Thread
Superior Threads SuperBrights Thread
Superior Threads Sunburst Thread

Highlights is a 40 wt. high-sheen premium trilobal polyester thread.


Super Brights Highlights is a 40 wt. high-sheen premium trilobal polyester thread


.Sunburst is a Sunlight-activated, color changing thread.

Superior Threads Halo Thread
Superior Threads Treasure Thread
  Superior Threads Art Studio Colors Thread

Halo is perfect for bobbin work, couching, and serging


Treasure is #30/3 coated ply, extra-long staple cotton for hand quilting.


Art Studio Colors are a 40 wt. premium Trilobal Polyester Thread - beautiful for embroidery and quilting!

Superior Threads Nature Colors Thread  
Superior Threads Living Colors Thread
Superior Threads Razzle Dazzle Thread
Nature Colors are Art Quilt Colors by Hollis Chatelain. A 40 wt. High Sheen premium trilobal polyester.    Living Colors is a 40 wt. trilobal polyester with "life-like, natural" art toned threads for the textile artist.    Razzle DazzleTM by Ricky Tims is a soft, sparkling thread made for bobbin work, embellishment, couching, and serging.
Superior Threads Glitter Thread
Superior Threads MonoPoly Thread
Superior Threads Charlottes Fusible Thread
Glitter is a metalized polyester, extra strength, flat hologram thread that adds amazing sparkle and dimension to your quilting and embroidery projects.   MonoPoly is a reduced-stretch polyester Monofilament invisible thread. Available in Clear and Smoke.   Charlotte's Fusible Web may be used in the bobbin or the top of your sewing machine.
Superior Threads Vanish Thread
Superior Threads Dissolve Fabric Stabilizer
Superior Threads Texture Magic
Vanish is a water soluble thread that is excellent to use for machine and hand basting, trapunto, quilting, appliqué, heirloom, etc. Choose Extra or Lite.   Superior Dissolve are water soluble stabilizers   Texture Magic is a steam-activated product made of polyester. It looks and feels like a sort of thin interfacing
Superior Threads Sewing Needles
Superior Threads Handy Nets
Superior Threads Superbobs sewing bobbins
Superior Titanium-Coated Topstitch are guaranteed to last 5-8 times longer than regular needles.   HandyNets: Loosely-knit netting to prevent thread from sliding down the cone.   SuperBOBS is The Bottom Line Thread in a Cardboard sided bobbin. 60 wt. premium polyester.
Superior Threads Frostings sewing bobbins
Superior Threads Masterpiece sewing bobbins
Superior Threads Color Charts
Frostings are assortment sizes of the Masterpiece thread on cardboard-sided L-size bobbins.   Masterpiece bobbins are L Size prewound bobbins are extra-long staple Egyptian-grown cotton on cardboard-sided "L" size bobbins.   All Color Charts - both the Glossy Paper, and the Actual Thread Color Charts