Superior Threads - NiteLite ExtraGlow

Superior Threads Nitelite Glow in the dark thread

Superior Threads NiteLite ExtraGlow glows for up to 8 hours (up to 8 hours for white...others glow up to 6 hours).  Charge it with natural or artificial light for just a few seconds. NiteLite ExtraGlow is POLYESTER and polyester threads have much higher heat tolerance than nylon threads, which means NiteLite is dryer and iron safe. (please select the appropriate iron heat setting for polyester).

Available in six pastel shades: Purple, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, and White. The pink color actually glows an orangey-pink and the other colors glow a light fluorescent green. This thread is 100% polyester, 30wt.

When QUILTING with NiteLite ExtraGlow, test spool before using by exposing it to a strong light for 30 seconds.  It should produce a strong glow.  Colors will not glow as brightly as white.  To get a good glow effect, use thread liberally.  The more thread you put in an area, the more glow you will get.  A basic stipple stitch is not enough to get a good effect.

Glitter Thread Razzle Dazzle Thread Color Charts
Recommended Needle Topstitch #90/14 #18 or #19 (MR4.0-4.5)
3.0 - 4.0 loose on top and bobbin
Bottom Line, So Fine Bottom Line, So Fine