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Superior Threads - Metallic

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Superior Threads Metallics is designed for and by professional embroiderers.

Superior Threads Metallic embroidery thread is ideally suited for use on high speed commercial embroidery machines as well as home machines.

Its strong nylon core and genuine silver metallic base enhances both its sew-ability and appearance on everything from heavy denim trousers to vinyl upholstery to wool caps to terry cloth bath towels.

Works great on embroidery machines, domestic machines and commercial/industrial machines.

Superior Threads Metallic is a 40wt. thread that is strong and durable in construction, it is suitable for use on virtually any fabric. Available in 25 dazzling colors, including 2 variegated colors.

  • A strong, durable, beautiful 40 wt. thread
  • Ideal for embroidery, quilting, applique, and serging.
  • The only metallic thread that is guaranteed to work.


500 yard spools 1,090 yard cones Color Charts
Recommended Needle Topstitch #90/14 #19 (MR 4.5)
1.0 - 1.5 loose on top and bobbin
Bottom Line Bottom Line
1 2 
1 2