Superior Threads - King Tut 2000 yard cones


Superior Threads King Tut Quilting Thread is perfectly suited for hand quilting, machine quilting AND especially wonderful for longarm machine quilting.


500 yd spools 2,000 yd cones King Tut Color Charts
King Tut to Bottom Line Compatibility Chart King Tut to So Fine Compatability Chart Superior PreWound Bobbins
NOTE:  We do our best to keep adequate inventory on hand.  However, it is impossible to know exactly how many of any item (color or size) will be ordered at any given time.  In addition, sometimes the manufacturer is sold out of certain product(s) and even though we have ordered, they are unable to fill our order in a timely manner.  If you order a thread that is sold out, we will notify you as soon as possible by email regarding your options.  Please make sure you check your email often if you place an order with Sew Thankful.
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