Superior Threads - King Tut 2000 yard cones


Superior King Tut Quilting Thread is a 40wt 3ply 100% extra long Egyptian cotton. It is perfectly suited for hand quilting, machine quilting AND especially wonderful for longarm machine quilting.

Superior Kint Tut Thread is one of nature's finest threads. It is certified Egyptian-grown, extra long staple cotton. This means the staple fibers are 10% longer than regular long staple cotton. That translates to LESS lint and MORE strength. Approx. 1 1/2" color change interval. The short change color intervals mean that the colors will flow beautifully through your quilt.

Superior King Tut thread is designed for quilting on both home machines and longarm machines. Produced with the finest spinning, twisting, dyeing, and finishing techniques.

Superior King Tut has extremely low lint. You and your machine will thoroughly enjoy the quilting experience.

Available in 136 variegated and sold colors.

500 yd spools 2,000 yd cones Color Charts
King Tut to Bottom Line Compatibility Chart King Tut to So Fine Compatability Chart Superior PreWound Bobbins
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