Pattern Review: Softies Slippers by Timber Lane Press

Review provided by:  "debbie/TX"  (August 2004)

Pattern Name:     Softies #803 

Pattern Company/Designer:     Timber Lane Press

Pattern includes size ranges:    Child 11/13 - Adult sizes

Does finished project look like pattern photo?     yes [click thumbnails below to view larger images in a new window]

Did you make any alterations or changes to pattern design?    no

Were the directions well-written, clear and easy to follow? 
    pretty much -- I did find that I had to concentrate on the instructions in a couple of steps during assembly. Reading them aloud helped, too. 

Did the illustrations/photos match the text descriptions where applicable?    yes

Does the pattern offer useful tips or special techniques?    yes -- and her "pattern notes" helped a great deal 

Would you make this pattern again?    yes

If yes, would you make any changes?    no

Would you recommend this pattern to others?   I already have!

What sewing skill level do you feel is required to complete this pattern/project?
Beginner/Intermediate Advanced

Reviewer's additional comments:
-- I used a Schmetz size 14 needle and a walking foot on my Bernina for slipper construction.

-- The thickness of the layers caused my sewing machine to skip a few stitches, particularly in the "heel" area. However, it doesn't appear that the skipped stitches affected the overall slipper assembly.

-- Total time it took me to make the slippers: Appx. 5 hours. This includes copying the pattern, cutting out the paper pattern, quilting the "fashion fabric", cutting out the slippers (foam/fleece/quilted fabric), and sewing time.