Miracle Chalk -- Chubby Crayon

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The Chubby Crayon is a "must-have" marker for your sewing room or studio. Very easy to use.

The Chubby Crayon is super easy to use, reliable and it just plain works--sorta like chalk on a chalkboard, only we use fabric and chubby crayon. Remember the big old green and black chalkboards when we were in school and cleaning the erasers? Ahhhh...those were the days, eh?

If the stick (Chubby Crayon) worries. This giant marking crayon from Miracle Chalk is just like chalk in that the entire stick makes marks. Simply sharpen with a "fat" pencil sharpener (the kind kids use). This giant marking crayon from Miracle Chalk is just like chalk in that the entire stick marks. I use mine down to the final slivers. 

The Miracle Chalk Chubby Crayon works great on most dark colored fabrics as well as vinyl mesh. Removes easily with a blast of steam. NOTE:  Always test marking product(s) on a "sample swatch" of each exact fabric/material you are using in your project before you proceed to marking the entire project.  Miracle Chalk has been reported to leave marks on some sateen type fabrics as well as some batiks.

Tracy loves to use Chubby Crayon for marking dark colors of vinyl mesh.


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