HALF-YARD CUT Insul-Bright Insulated Lining from The Warm Company 22.5" wide x 1/2 yard

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NOTE: This item is offered as a 1/2 yard cut piece. If you order more than one, you will receive multiple cut 1/2 yard pieces. If you wish to order yardage, please order product by the yard.  Click here to view "by-the-yard" product.

Insul-Bright is a needle-punched, insulating material ideal for home sewers and crafters. Use Insul-Bright in many practical projects and gifts, such as: Pot holders, oven mitts, hot pads for your dining table, and casserole covers. This product consists of hollow, polyester fibers needlepunched through a nonwoven substrate and through a reflective mylar. The needled material is breathable and won’t break down with washing. The hollow fibers resist conduction while the reflective mylar resists radiant energy. The energy, hot or cold, is reflected back to its source. Insul-Bright is easy to sew and your finished projects can go right into the washer and dryer and will not break down over time. At least one layer of cotton batting is recommended with Insul-Bright when used as Oven Mitts or Pot Holders. Insul-Bright is heat-RESISTANT, NOT heat-proof.

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Insul-Bright is breathable and provides perfect comfort for bedding needs such as Comforters, Quilts, Sleeping Bags and Water Bed Covers. Use Insul-Bright to keep out the cold winter chill this year (and keep the heat out in the summer too) when you use it in Shades, Draperies, Door Draft Stoppers, Fire Place Covers, and Water Heater Covers. Great for conserving body warmth too! Use it is Coats, Jackets, Vests, Ski Apparel, Gloves & Mittens, Hats and Slippers.

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