PRINT - Got Sudz! Spa Exfoliating Scrubby and Soap-Saver Sack sewing pattern from Sew TracyLee Designs

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DOWNLOAD - Got Sudz! Spa Exfoliating Scrubby and Soap-Saver Sack sewing pattern from Sew TracyLee Designs $8.00 $6.99 PRINT - Got Sudz! Spa Exfoliating Scrubby and Soap-Saver Sack sewing pattern from Sew TracyLee Designs $8.00 $6.99
PRINT VERSION Got Sudz! Spa Exfoliating Scrubby and Soap-Saver Sack sewing pattern from Sew TracyLee Designs. Pamper yourself and all your friends! Use Lightweight Polyester Mesh and small pieces of fabric to make delightfully luxurious, exfoliating spa soap scrubby-sacks. The double-layer mesh drawstring bag is sturdy, has no exposed seams and holds almost any kind of bar soap, but Got Sudz! is especially nice when paired with handcrafted soaps. 

Why should you make, use or gift a Got Sudz! bag?

· Double mesh layers all around work together to create a delightfully sudsy lather.

· Soft poly mesh invigorates your body as it exfoliates--sluffing off dead skin cells as you scrub, leaving your skin super clean and ultra soft.

· NO MORE WASTE! Mesh scrubby soap saver-sack is easy to hold and keep in your hand without slipping while simultaneously enabling you to use up every last bit of your soap--even the tiny slivers that used to slip through your fingers.

· Drawstring hanging loop also works to save your soap. Simply store your “in use” soap by hanging it up. This allows soap to dry faster on all sides. That means your soap lasts longer--instead of melting into a mushy mess on the soap tray or shower shelf.

· Got Sudz! Bag mesh is washing machine and dryer safe. Keep your finished Got Sudz! bags in top condition. Machine wash cool temperature; tumble dry low temperature or hang to air dry.

· Fast to make, easy to customize to your recipient by using themed fabric for bag top, drawstring and color combinations.

· Inexpensive to make!  Just one package of lightweight poly mesh will make 8 Got Sudz! and leave you with a very usable leftover piece for other small projects.

· Sew much fun to give because you can stitch up a slew in no time. Simply add a handcrafted bar of luxurious soap for a super special, thoughtful, personalized gift.

SKILL LEVEL:  EASY enough for confident beginners; FAST and fun for experts.

This is a rotary cut project: There are no paper pattern or template pieces. You will use your ruler, rotary cutter and cutting mat to cut all pieces. Pattern includes step by step instructions and lots of pictures.

Finished bag size is approximately 4 inches x 7 inches.

For each bag you will need:

· Lightweight Polyester Mesh - By Annie’s Lightweight Mesh fabric recommended. One 18” x 54” package of Lightweight Polyester Mesh will make 8 Got Sudz! Bags -- and you will still have some left over mesh for other small projects.

· Quality woven quilting cotton fabric for top of bag and drawstring. A Fat Quarter OR 1/4 yard will make several Got Sudz! Bags. You may choose to mix or match fabrics for the bag top and drawstring. Think of all the scraps from your pile you can use up.

· Cord Stop - 1 stop needed per bag, so a package of 2 will make 2 bags.

· Quality Polyester or Cotton Thread. Recommend threads include: Superior Omni, Superior Omni V, Superior So Fine or
Superior King Tut

Required tools and other recommended items: 
Sewing Machine with straight stitch and zig-zag capability, use a 90/14 Sewing Machine Needle; fabric cutting mat, ruler & rotary cutter; Loop Turning Tool of your choice; Small Safety Pin; Wonder Clips, Clover Point 2 Point Turner for pushing out corners of bag and straightening/smoothing seams, Painter’s Tape or Removable Fabric Marker of your choice. Fray Check or similar for knotted ends of drawstring (optional). Awl, for inserting drawstring into cord stop (optional, but helpful).

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